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Our Favorite Drivable Toys

From even the earliest of ages, many kids love to have their own vehicles to play with.  Being able to climb inside a toy and move around often gives them a sense of freedom and control.  Here are our favorite drivable vehicles for kids of all ages.

The Cozy Coupe
This is the classic, early vehicle for toddlers.  Self propelled by the child’s own feet (Flintstones style), the Cozy Coupe is probably the most popular drivable toy.  Cozy Coupe out of gas?  You can also get a nice “fuel pump” for the kids to play with.

Whisper Ride II
The Whisper Ride is more of a “parent propelled” vehicle, which makes it great for family walks.  The moveable steering wheel allows the child to feels as though they’re driving, but the pusher is setting the course.


Rollin’ Giraffe Ride-on
The nice thing about ride-on vehicles is the increased coordination challenges required.  Balance and control are necessary, but the child still has a sense of fun and motion.

Power Wheels Jeep Wrangler
Now we’re getting to the big-kids stuff!  This 12-volt powered Jeep gives the more adventurous kids a sense of freedom and exploration. They’ll definitely need some guidance at the beginning, but it won’t take long until your child is exploring the back yard with abandon.

John Deere Ground Force Tractor with Trailer
For the more agriculturally-oriented child, this tractor with trailer is an amazing toy.  Load, drive, unload, repeat.


BMW i8 Concept 6-volt Electric Ride-On Car
For the more refined toddler, this BMW electric vehicle can be driven for up to 45 minutes between charges, and even has an audio input for playing music while cruising.

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