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Hosting a Harry Potter Themed Birthday Party

The world of Harry Potter is ripe for creative decorations, costumes and party games.  We’ve collected a few of our favorite ideas for hosting your own Harry Potter party.

Golden Snitch Chocolates
From Cooking Classy, these are sure to be a hit.  Take some typical chocolate truffles and wrap them in gold foil.  Cut out some paper wing shapes and simply glue or sticker them on.


Non-Alcoholic Butterbeer
Just 5 simple ingredients go into this wonderfully delicious and creamy drink.  You can find the recipe over at Love is in my tummy.


“Wanted” Photo Board
Party guests can get their photos taken and feel like they’ve just escaped from Azkaban.  Courtesy of Trains and Tutus.


DIY Magic Wands
With some bamboo chopsticks and a little creativity, these wands will surely add to the magical party atmosphere.  Read more about how to do it Boxy Colonial.


Table Quidditch
Very clever game for your guests using easily-found items.  This makes for a great side game while the celebrations are in full swing.  Check out the details over at Farm to Fete.


 Wizard Hat Cupcakes
Clever and delicious desert idea from the fine folks over at Today.


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