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4 Tips for a Clutter-free Playroom

Keeping a well stocked toy room neatly organized seems like an impossible task.  Young ones have a habit of playing with as many toys as they can, making piles of things everywhere and then not even thinking about cleaning up.  Fortunately, keeping the clutter manageable is not a difficult as it seems.

Here are our four tips for making things a little more organized.

  1. Everything has a place
    Unless you can put everything away at the beginning, you’ll never be able to keep it clean.   A good rule of thumb is to have 25% more storage than you have toys.  With this approach, you’ll spend less time trying to figure out where everything goes, and more time putting it away.
  2. Mix general storage with specialized storage
    Containers for stuffed animals are quite different from containers for Hot Wheels. Having a mix of both types leads to flexible solutions.  For some toys, it just doesn’t matter where they end up.  For others (like Lego blocks), they should probably all be in the same container.  Having both types of storage will simplify the process.
  3. Don’t over-label
    Some labelling is good, but having too many containers with specific purposes leads to spending time trying to find the right place for new toys. Having some “junk drawers” is a good thing.
  4. Make cleaning up a ritual
    The little ones can find fun in just about anything. Making cleaning up part of the play process can be turned into a fun game.

We’ve found that by covering these basics, keeping a clutter-free toy room becomes a little less of a Sisyphean task.  Of course, another way is to keep the amount of unused toys to a minimum, and GiftAround can certainly help with that!

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