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9 Great Spring Activities for Preschoolers

The weather’s getting better, but for most of us (especially those of us in the midwest), it’s still not warm enough to spend hours playing at the beach.  We find it helpful to have a few fun things to do in the back of our pockets (next to the boogie wipes), to make the most of evening and weekend time together.  Here are a few fun ways to engage with your 2-5 year old this Spring.

Fly Swatter Art
This is a good outdoor art activity, unless you like the Jackson Pollack look on your walls, floors, and furniture.  We love interesting art projects that are simple to execute and this is definitely one of them!

Carrot Garden Sensory Bin
Sensory bins are a great way for kids to explore, and our kids get hooked for dozens of minutes mesmerized by all of the sounds and textures that exist.

Spring Alphabet Flower Match
This is a simple activity that also helps the older preschooler get ready for literacy.

Make Pressed Flower Art
Collect flowers, make a keepsake.  If you don’t want to buy the kit, it’s an easy enough activity to on your own. I still remember going with my grandmother for a walk in her neighborhood, collecting flowers, and then coming back to her house where I pressed the flowers in the pages of old books, and then stacked heavier books on top.  A few days later, voila – pressed flowers!  You could then glue them to paper and frame and you’ve made a keepsake and memories that will last 30+ years.

Create a Play Garde
Brainstorm ideas on what to include with your kiddo and then enlist their help in building it.  Then, when you are out gardening this spring, you will have a little helper who will be busy tending to his or her own lil plot (and won’t be trying to overwater your prize begonias).

Play-Doh Math (it’s Spring themed, but really, we think Math transcends all seasons)
There’s never a bad time to help our kids get interested in the FUNdamentals of mathematics.  These Montessori activities will help your preschool with calculus, er rather counting while utilizing her fine-motor skills and creative spirit.

Take A Hike!
Nature walks are a great way to be active, explore the outdoors, and create engaging time with your little kids.  We even like taking them in drippy April/May weather, as long as we have some decent rain boots and jackets on!  

Play ‘What’s Hiding in the Grass’
This activity is fun for the smaller set, who are still getting used to cutting.  Help your little one get excited about this little cut and find adventure that helps promote fine motor skills.

Make a Bird Feeder
This is the craft activity that keeps on giving.  Your kiddo can build this mostly on his own, you can help hang it together, and then you can spend weeks enjoying the magic that will be your little screaming with the delight as the birdies come for their nibbles.

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