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9 Great Gifts For the Outdoors

The great outdoors are calling our names, so we wanted to put together a list of our favorite gifts for kids to use outdoors.  You know, in case you are tired of bubbles and stomp rockets.

EzyRoller Classic Ride On
We love this toy for a hundred reasons, but mostly for its staying power (and that it comes in a bazillion colors).  Not only is it certain to capture your kiddo’s attention for quite a while, but it will also grow with her!  No pedals and easy/smooth maneuvering make this ride-on a pleasure for any sunny day.

Great for ages 4 and up

Step 2 Waterfall Discovery Wall Playset
It’s like a water table that maybe your kid won’t climb into.  We love the cause and effect learning that is engrained in this toy and that it takes up a bit less space than a water table (and has less chance of becoming a mosquito breeding ground.  Also, does this not remind you of PLINKO?  

Great for ages 18 months – 5 years

Blue Island Tree Swing
If you have a big tree in your yard, you could be putting that sucker to work for you and your kids!  Enjoy hours of relaxation, with your children calmly swinging in the balmy summer air.  Or if you are at my house, listen as the kids shriek with delight

Great for ages 3 and up

A Chaise Lounge Chair
It is so hard to be a kid these days.  Give your little the gift of a little R&R in the comfort of her own backyard this summer.

Great for ages 2-5  

Pop-Up Soccer Goals
These are fun, functional, and don’t take up a crazy amount of storage space.  Let your little kicker practice for hours without fear of losing the ball to the road!  These goals are super easy to use and are a snap to set up.

Great for all ages

A Patio Playhouse
This looks like something right out of Bobby Flay’s childhood dreams.  An outdoor grilling kitchen complete with a canopy.  If you have the space in your yard for this set up, this setup is sure to keep the kids entertained and enjoying imaginative play for days on end.

Great for ages 2-8

Treasure Hunt
We love this toy, because it’s great to use as a family.  The questions come with multi-age level answers and you can use it with one child or many – pirate party anyone?!

Great for ages 3-8

Pretend Camping Gear
While we love taking real camping trips with the kids, these toys help make the long summer days/nights pass with ease without having to haul everyone and the tent and the rest of the real gear a few hours away.

Great for ages 3-6

Inflatable Water Fun
This inflatable mini waterpark is sure to delight the little kids.  It’s a pool + water slide and it has a water sprayer and a ring toss game included.  Don’t forget the sunscreen!

Great for ages 3-7

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