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9 Fun Birthday Party Themes that Aren’t Disney Princesses or Thomas the Train

Harry Potter
Proudly proclaim your child’s next party to be Slytherin free.  Harry Potter and the whole Hogwarts crew make for an enchanting backdrop (like what I did there?) as the kids can sit at tables for each house and play versions of quidditch while having a spectacular feast (or lots of adorable snacks).  

Alice In Wonderland
Although she is intertwined with Disney, there’s something unmistakably unique about Alice.  Maybe it’s that she has little back story and doesn’t go chasing after a boy, and that she is just caught up in her own magical brain.  And with all that whimsy there are unlimited birthday party options.  From colorful tea party decorations to pinning the smile on the Cheshire Cat, this would be one very merry un(un)birthday indeed.

Science is still cool, right?  Ahhh, in the days before there were inorganic chemistry class and cell biology class, there was just SCIENCE.  What a great theme to help kids play with polymers of their own making and exploring the world around them.  They sky’s really the limit with the options to make your next kids’ bash smartly done.

I bet if you close your eyes you can already see the decorations, activities, and treats that would fit so nicely into this theme.   Reinforce the love of the outdoors with kids as they nibble on snacks and get hooked by all the fun!

We’re still trying to figure out Instagram, but more and more kids are getting exposed to it, and the idea of taking pictures with real life filters is too fun.  Plus the logo and brand vibe makes for a super glam look to the shindig.

That’s right, Broadway, Baby.  Don’t miss your shot to host an epic kids’ party brought to you by the 18th Century.  The big bonus here is that the party comes with its own soundtrack!  Efficiency rules.

Magic School Bus
Educational content doesn’t always have to be dry and boring.  The Magic School Bus is a beloved source of fantastically engaging stories that help kids learn.  Carry that learning on over to the next party and grab some great ideas on how to make that happen here.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
In case you haven’t noticed, we like the idea of trying to do more with less.  And this theme really hits home for us.  It’s not just about teaching our kids about conservation and sharing, it’s about celebrating it!  I don’t recommend, however, a recycling truck cake . . . ew.  

Dance (less ballet, more EDM please)
I would like a disco ball cake pop, STAT.  While other kids may enjoy a ballet-themed party, throw your kid an all out mini-rave.  An ADORABLE rave.  


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