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9 Ways To Teach Your Child About Giving Back

Donate Clothes and Toys Together

I don’t know about you, but when I first asked my sons to clean out their toy closet to find things to donate to kids who didn’t have many toys, they both looked at me like I was possessed.  After a little thinking and online perusing, I tried to start with MY closet, and involve them in the process.  I sat my kids down and told them that I heard of a great place that collects clothing and other items for families that don’t have anywhere to live.  And I asked them to help me pick out some of my clothes to donate.  I was able to reinforce how it felt to donate my things to people who needed them more than I did, and before I knew it, we had filled up three bags of clothes, toys, and sports equipment.

Collect spare change together and donate it

We keep a spare change jar in our kitchen.  My husband and I throw whatever is in our pockets/wallets/diaper bags/ears in there every Friday night.  Our kids accumulate way less change in a given week, but whatever they’ve got goes into the family pot as well.  At the end of the month, we count up the change and pick a charitable organization to donate it to.  We pick the kids’ schools a lot!

Find A Hands-On Charitable Project to Do Together

Experiential learning really can’t be beat for teaching any topic, including giving back.  Not to mention, there’s the added benefit of getting in some family time.  Find a soup kitchen, or a food pantry, or a children’s hospital to help out at in your area.  

Give Your Child An Allowance

When your child has her own money she will be more understanding of the principles of giving back.  Create a simple chore chart, set a payment amount and time to pay your little employee each week.  Kids help around the house AND learn about money – WIN WIN!

Schedule It

If you are going to make giving back a priority, put it on your family calendar, for all to see.  Whether it’s a trip to donate clothes, or a weekend building a house, if you plan for it, it will come.

Read About Giving Back 

Teach your kids from the words of the experts.  Kindness is a beautiful topic to read about, and we think you might also want to have a tissue or two handy when you’re reading some of these books aloud to your little ones.  There’s something so moving about watching the sweet little face of a little light up while listening to the stories of those who’ve done good.

Buy a Bank That Makes it Easy

Like this one or this one or hey, even this one

We love all of these banks that make giving back super-simple and obvious!  They also make great gifts (see number 8 below)

We can’t help ourselves . . . use GiftAround!

Be sure to involve your child in the charity selection process!  It will make him or her so excited to learn than THEIR party helped contribute to something so important.

Be a Role Model in Giving

Be the change you want to see in the world.  And also, kids are really great copy-cats.  But this is one thing you won’t be shouting “stop copying me” over.  When you donate your clothes, when you contribute your time, when you are mindful in front of your children, you are doing a great service to mankind.  Kindness flows.

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